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Bridal Advice | Top 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Getting Ready Location

Today’s post is all about picking the perfect getting ready location in order to capture those beautiful photos full of gorgeous light for you and your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen! Since my husband and I work as a team for all of our weddings we always split up and he captures the Groomsmen doing their thing while I am photographing the Bride and her Bridesmaids. But what a lot of people don’t realize is how important selecting your getting ready location is when it comes to the look of your photos. So I am going to share my top 5 tips for picking out the perfect location(s) for your getting ready photos on your wedding day and what to look for!!


1. Natural Light: Always pick a location with lots of natural light! Natural light will give your skin a nice glow and give your photos the beautiful light and airy look that I just love. With tons of natural light you can avoid those dark rooms that tend to have a yellow cast to them from the lighting. Picking a room with lots of natural light from windows will also help out your makeup artist and hair stylist to achieve a gorgeous natural look for your wedding day portraits! Not to mention, who doesn’t love those bridal portraits next to a window with that glow from natural light!!!



2. Distance: Pick a location either on site or within a few minutes drive from your ceremony location. This will help maximize the time you have with your family and friends before the ceremony and provide even more time to capture those moments just having fun. Remember you want to relax and enjoy the day as much as possible, not spend the time traveling to different locations!




3. Decor/Style: Make sure to pick a location that fits into your wedding theme and style. For example, I love to tell a story when photographing a wedding so if you have a vintage theme for your wedding consider getting ready in a cottage or bed and breakfast with tons of character. Also, consider Airbnb for unique homes to rent that complement your wedding style. Your location should match your vision for your day and this will open up tons of great options for photos and better tie together the story of your day!



4. Neutral: Choose rooms with neutral backgrounds or light colors that blend well with the colors and/or style of your wedding day. If you’re getting ready in a room with distracting wallpaper patterns or bright-colored paint this is going to be very distracting against your white dress or your bridesmaids dresses. Neutral wall colors give a nice airy look to your photos and allow your wedding colors to pop!!



5. Avoid Clutter: Make sure the room you choose to get ready in is tidy and uncluttered. Avoid having items hanging up all over the place, bags on the floor and food scattered across tables. I try to do my best to move things around when taking photos but if there is a candid moment that I need to capture quickly I can’t always clear the area first and there is nothing worse than having a gorgeous photo ruined because a pizza box is in the background!


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