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Bridal Advice | Top 8 bridal details to bring for your photographer to capture

I know wedding planning can be very stressful and there is always so much that a Bride has think about or remember for the big day so I wanted to start a series of blog posts that will help you when planning your photography for your wedding day. I know that my Brides put so much time into the planning and details of their wedding day so I want to make sure that it is all documented and most importantly that my Bride and Grooms get to enjoy their special day.


So my first post is all about the getting ready photos and what bridal details you should make sure to bring with you. Your photography should tell a story and what better way than if you showcase all the details you spent months if not years planning. So here are the eight things you should bring with you:


1. Rings: You would think this is a no brainer but it gets overlooked all the time since normally the best man has the rings. So make sure you have your engagement ring and wedding bands with you so you can ensure you get some great ring shots.

wedding rings


2. Invitation Suite: Many of my Brides completely forget this detail but this a huge part of your day. Your invitation is the first preview your guests receive for the big day and normally sets the tone for your colors/theme. Not to mention this is one of my favorite details to style and photograph with your other details (rings, jewelry …etc). Remember to bring one full invitation suite as well any other stationary details (save-the-dates, rehearsal dinner invites … etc). Also,  if you had beautiful calligraphy and/or special envelopes/liners bring two sets in order to capture the front and back in the same shot.

Invitation suite


3. Wedding Shoes: I have never had a Bride forget this but this is a good reminder if you have more than one set of wedding shoes! I actually had heels and a pretty pair of ballet flats for later in the night that I completely forget to bring with me for my bridal details.

Ivory Peep-toe Wedding Shoes


4. Bouquets/Boutonnieres: Make sure the bouquets are with the girls and the guys have the boutonnieres! Having the bouquets available while photographing bridal details is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors with all your other details. Something else to consider when talking with your florist is to ask for a couple extra scraps or loose flowers/greenery from the bouquets to incorporate with the wedding details. If you have ever seen all the gorgeous stylized wedding photos from rings to invitation suites you will notice that many of the photos incorporate small greenery or flowers that tie back to the bridal bouquets. (You can always snip a couple pieces from the bouquet as well if that does not bother you!)

Blue Bridesmaid Bouquets


5. Heirlooms/Sentimental Symbols: Whether its a locket with a photo or something that has been passed down from generations that you will be wearing on your wedding day this should definitely be part of your bridal details!

Bridal Bouquet with Locket


6. Jewelry/Hair Accessories: Earrings, necklace, bracelets, headbands, hair clip … anything you will be wearing.

Bridal Jewelry


7. Veil: I love to use the veil when styling bridal details. This is a great way tie your dress with other details from the day.


8. Bridesmaid Dresses/Accessories: This is another way to incorporate the color of your wedding day!



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