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Ashley + Brian Engaged | A Lake Conestee Nature Park Engagement

Summer Lake Contestee Nature Park Engagement Session

A Lake Conestee Nature Park Engagement | Greenville, South Carolina

This engagement session was a fun one! And not because it took place in the middle of August … that was the not so fun part! I’m actually pretty sure it felt like one of the hottest summer nights in South Carolina! But Ashley and Brian didn’t let it bother them one bit! They happily guided us through some of their favorite spots around Lake Conestee Nature Park while we captured their love!

Lake Conestee was the perfect location for their engagement session! Ashley loves the outdoors and nature and they both enjoy walking the trails together in this beautiful park! We started our session along the bridge crossing the Reedy River and made our way through the wooded trail leading to a beautiful opening full of wildflowers and long grass. Closer to sunset we found the perfect scenic overlook of the South Bay to watch the summer sunset and capture the most beautiful golden summer light!

It was pretty amazing!! Between the river, trees, wildflowers, fields, water and summer sunset … it was everything I love about South Carolina! Congratulations, Ashley & Brian! You two truly have a special connection and we are so happy we were able to capture your engagement! Enjoy our favorites from your session and we can’t wait until your wedding day!

Summer Lake Contestee Nature Park Engagement SessionSummer Lake Contestee Nature Park Engagement SessionSummer Lake Contestee Nature Park Engagement Session

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Shae + Devin Engaged | A Downtown Charleston Engagement

Downtown Charleston South Carolina Engagement Session

A Downtown Charleston Engagement Session | Charleston, South Carolina

When you are a photographer, you normally have a wish list of all the gorgeous locations you hope to photograph at. And Charleston, South Carolina was on that wish list for us! So when I say this is probably my favorite session to date, I’m not kidding! Charleston did not disappoint! In fact, if I could photograph every session in Charleston I’m not sure I would ever get sick of it! Our only problem was time … not enough of it since we were inspired every time we turned a corner!! So here’s to hoping for more sessions in Charleston and adding a Charleston wedding to our wish list!!

So a huge thanks to Shae & Devin for picking such an amazing engagement session location! These two went to college in Charleston for Physical Therapy while dating, so it was the perfect location to celebrate the next step in their love story! We loved exploring this magical city with these two! Shae and Devin are such a joy and we felt an instant connection with them walking around. And even though we didn’t get that pink sunset that we have grown to love about Charleston, I think the weather actually worked to our advantage. If anyone has been to Charleston in August there is only one word for it, HOT!!! And even though it was still pretty hot, the cloud cover definitely cooled things off and the waterfront had the most amazing breeze! So I would say it was a win!

We started our session on Meeting Street with some of the prettiest homes I have ever seen! The gates, front doors, greenery, flower boxes, and color. I’m just in love! I can’t get enough! Then we worked our way toward the waterfront and Queen Street. Gimmee all the cobblestone and Oak Trees! And we ended our session with my favorites, the battery and Rainbow Row! I still remember my first visit to the battery like it was yesterday, such a special place and it gets better every visit! It’s almost impossible to be in this park without hordes of tourists and you could pretty much say we had the park to ourselves!

Congratulations Shae and Devin!! We had the best time getting to know the two of you in Charleston and we are so excited for your wedding next February! Enjoy some of our favorites from your Charleston Engagement Session!

Downtown Charleston South Carolina Engagement SessionDowntown Charleston South Carolina Engagement SessionDowntown Charleston South Carolina Engagement Session

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Samantha + Soul Engaged | A Downtown Engagement

Summer sunrise engagement in downtown Greenville South Carolina

A Downtown Engagement Session | Greenville, South Carolina

If you have noticed a slight trend in downtown Greenville Falls Park sunrise sessions on our blog that’s because 1) Falls Park is absolutely beautiful and especially in the summertime with all the lush greenery and flowers surrounding the falls and walkways 2) Its super hot during Greenville summers … I’m talking 90 something degrees … but not at 6:30am!!! On this particular morning it was low 70’s, which is way more comfortable when our couples are all dressed up! 3) So many of our couples have spent their best dates in Falls Park or even got engaged there so we get to continue those amazing memories in a place close to their heart. 4) Maybe this is just us since we are foodies but downtown Greenville has the best restaurants … especially brunch … so what better than finishing your session and grabbing brunch!

We started Samantha and Soul’s downtown engagement session at one of the best places to watch the sunrise, the Liberty Bridge and the falls. From there we explored Falls Park and made our way toward the West End of downtown Greenville. We found one of the coolest looking and most colorful doors … a new favorite of mine! And then we stumbled across another beautiful flower garden where we found the most gorgeous glow of morning sunshine!

Samantha and Soul were so easy-going and up for exploring all over downtown Greenville with us! They were even willing to get pretty close to the falls for some stunning waterfall photos, wait until you see them!! And for being so early in the morning you would have never known, we had so much fun, which makes me even more excited for their wedding this November!

Congratulations Samantha and Soul! Enjoy our favorites from your downtown engagement!

Summer sunrise engagement in downtown Greenville South CarolinaSummer sunrise engagement in downtown Greenville South CarolinaSummer sunrise engagement in downtown Greenville South Carolina

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Bonnie + Peden Engaged | A Scenic Table Rock Engagement

Table Rock State Park Engagement Session

A Scenic Table Rock Engagement Session | Picken, South Carolina

When we first moved to South Carolina, Table Rock State park was one of the first mountaintop locations we visited. And all I can remember thinking when Kevin and I hiked the Carrick trail for the first time was that this is one stunning location and I can’t wait to photograph here! Well I can’t thank our amazing couples enough for their great taste in locations because this was the second time we had the privilege of photographing an engagement session at the scenic Table Rock State Park! Our first session was at the end of Winter/early Spring and this session took place last weekend in the middle of our summer months. And let me tell you, Table Rock is stunning in just about every season!

When we first met Bonnie and Peden over coffee in Greenville I just remember thinking … these two are so incredibly sweet and awesome, I really hope we get to work with them! Between their excitement for their wedding day and the importance they placed on photography for their special day I knew we would be the perfect fit and couldn’t wait to work with them!

Bonnie had a beautiful vision with lots of greenery for their engagement session and I think we found just that. We started their session at the Lodge in Table Rock State Park surrounded by stunning mountain views and then worked our way to the overlook, Carrick Trail and ended our session around Lake Oolenoy for sunset. Besides a little heat I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect evening! And if you notice an absurd amount of geese in our photos near sunset that’s because apparently the geese of Table Rock are not the normal “I want nothing to do with people” geese I am use to in New York but lean more towards the “I want to be as awkwardly close to you as possible” geese! Just another reason we loved this session!!!

Anyway! Congratulations Bonnie & Peden, ENJOY our favorites from your scenic Table Rock engagement session and we look forward to your wedding next year!!

Table Rock State Park Engagement Session

Table Rock State Park Engagement Session

Table Rock State Park Engagement Session

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