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Sierra + Chase Engaged | A Reedy River Spring Engagement

White Azaleas Garden Engagement

A Reedy River Spring Engagement | Greenville, South Carolina

You know it’s been a great session when the evening ends with all of us getting dinner at one of our favorite burger and shake restaurants in Greenville! It’s so common to feel out-of-place and uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially when you are meeting your photographer for the very first time but what I love about our engagement sessions is that this is the time we get to know our amazing couples prior to their wedding day and even build some wonderful friendships. And by the end of the session the smiles and laughs are so natural and it feels like we have known our couples for years!

Sierra and Chase’s Reedy River Spring Engagement was perfect in every way! The weather, the locations, the blooms and their stunning outfit choices! These two sure know how to dress and they have the most beautiful love story! Sierra and Chase have been together 11 years!!! I think this might be the longest of any of our couples … just amazing! And during a portion of those 11 years they even managed a long distance relationship! They both have a passion for teaching. Sierra is already a teacher and Chase is pursuing a career in teaching and like us they love outdoor adventures and exploring which made this session even more fun exploring the beautiful locations around the Reedy River!

Enjoy this Reedy River Spring Engagement in downtown Greenville!! And a big congratulations to Sierra and Chase, we can’t wait to capture your wedding this September! You are both going to make a stunning Bride & Groom! ENJOY some of our favorites from your engagement session!

Greenville SC Engagement Session by Larkins Wyche Pavillion

Greenville SC Engagement Session by Larkins Wyche Pavillion

Reedy River Spring Engagement Session

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Yashara + Brock Engaged | Engagement Session in Falls Park Greenville

South Carolina Falls Park Greenville Engagement Session

Engagement Session in Falls Park | Greenville, South Carolina

These two found us in downtown Greenville while we were photographing another engagement session so it was only fitting when Yashara mentioned that they wanted their engagement session in Falls Park Greenville! And with all the gorgeous spring flowers in bloom its hard to believe that the same morning of their shoot it was actually snowing! For South Carolina this is a big deal since 1. It’s March which is basically the start of spring here and 2. It already snowed once this year which I thought was our max snowfall for the year! It just goes to show how crazy the weather has been this year and lucky for us none of that snow stayed around for Yashara and Brock’s beautiful engagement session!

We spent our time getting to know Yashara and Brock and capturing their engagement photos around Falls Park Greenville. These two high school sweethearts have such an amazing connection, it’s no wonder they have been together eight years! We just loved chatting with these two. Kevin and I have a lot in common with them …including a deep love for the ocean! And even though we did not have beach weather these two are planning a beach wedding in Destin, Florida with plenty of sun and sand! We only wish we could be there with them!!!

Congratulations you two, your engagement session was so much fun! Enjoy some of our FAVORITES from the shoot!!

South Carolina Falls Park Greenville Engagement SessionSouth Carolina Falls Park Greenville Engagement SessionSouth Carolina Falls Park Greenville Engagement Session Read More

Traci + Shane Engaged | A Table Rock State Park Engagement

Table Rock Engagement in Pickens South Carolina

A Table Rock State Park Engagement | Pickens, South Carolina

I love our city and all the stunning parks and mountains that surround it! Sometimes I feel like there are just so many beautiful locations that we never get to explore and shoot in! When Traci mentioned that they wanted their engagement session at Table Rock State Park, it represented a location that they both loved and enjoyed together. We couldn’t wait to explore and find the perfect spots to showcase their love and the scenic mountain views of one of their favorite parks.

We started shooting a short distance into one of Table Rock’s picturesque hiking trails that overlooks one of the many beautiful waterfalls at Table Rock. We even managed to get the waterfall to ourselves for their photos … talk about perfect timing!! The weather for Traci and Shane’s session called for sunny skies and wind and everyone loves the sunshine but not everyone has the same happy feelings about wind! But Traci picked out a perfect long dress for the occasion and although the wind kept wanting to change directions on us, it made for some incredible photos blowing her dress!

After we documented around the trails, we made our way to one of the lakes that sits along side Pinnacle Mountain at Table Rock for some seriously gorgeous light as the sun set behind the mountains. The combination of the overgrown fields, stunning view and soft beautiful lighting at sunset definitely makes my list of favorite locations! As the sun went down we ended our time together on one of the docks overlooking the lake and even though I was sad to see our time end after getting to know these two over our two hours together it makes me even more excited for their wedding!

Between the waterfalls, the smiles and the scenic mountain backdrops, this is one beautiful engagement session! Enjoy and get excited for their wedding this October!!!

Waterfall Engagement Session at Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park Engagement Session

Table Rock Engagement Session

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Natasha + Vikas Engaged | A Greenville Falls Park Sunrise Engagement

Spring Downtown Greenville Falls Park Sunrise Engagement Session

A Falls Park Sunrise Engagement | Greenville, South Carolina

Every session has something unique about it and for Natasha & Vikas it was being able to capture a sunrise engagement with all the beautiful blooms that come along with spring in the month of February! I’m talking daffodils, cherry blossoms, magnolias and tulips all out in February in downtown Greenville’s Falls Park. Then mix that with the gorgeous morning light from sunrise and this one definitely goes down as one of my FAVORITES!!

Natasha and Vikas originally planned for and evening sunset session but when the weather kept changing …literally every 30 minutes showing more and more rain, they were perfectly fine opting for an early morning sunrise engagement session! We are talking 7am, these two are amazing!! Natasha was even flying back to Maryland the same day! But let me tell you, even though it seems early there is no better time for an engagement session in areas with lots of tourists or traffic than sunrise. We almost had the park to ourselves which made it so much more perfect to capture Natasha and Vikas’s sweet love for one another!

Kevin and I loved having some time to get to know these two and had so much fun exploring Falls Park with them! Congratulations Natasha & Vikas, you are going to make a stunning Bride and Groom! ENJOY some of my favorites from their session and of course all the colorful blooms!

Sunrise Engagement Session on Liberty Bridge Greenville SC

Falls Park Sunrise Engagement Session

Magnolia Blossom Engagement in Greenville SC

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